The Original Odyssey

The Original Odyssey: 1938

Thursday October 27, 1938

Nazis knock on Lindenbaum’s door at Massener Strasse 3

Friday October 28, 1938

Nazis brought all Jews from Unna to Dortmund and put them on a train. Train waits for Shabbat to depart

Saturday October 29, 1938

Train arrived in Neu Bentschen. All were forced to walk across the border into Zbaszyn

 November 6, 1938

Lindenbaum’s settle into the Zbaszyn Flour Mill

 May 2, 1939 

Ruth sent to Nowisiolki training camp

 Monday July 17, 1939

Frieda, Otto, Siegfried, and Manny at Zbaszyn train station heading to Grodno. A man came and read the boys names as scheduled for Kindertransport

 Tuesday July 18, 1939

Frieda and Otto arrive in Augustow. Boys in Otwock

 Sunday, August 20, 1939

Siegfried & Manny leave Otwock and head for Danzig

 Tuesday, August 29, 1939

Siegfried and Manny arrive in London

Friday, September 1, 1939

Germany invades Poland and WWII begins

 Deportation to the Border Town Camp

Orig deport

 On October 28, 1938 Nazis began arresting and deporting

Jews of Polish nationality in Germany, including the Lindenbaums

Frieda & Otto’s Journey from Zbaszyn

Orig Frieda Otto

Siegfried & Manfred’s Journey from Zbaszyn

Orig Manny Sig

 Ruth’s Journey from Zbaszyn

Orig Ruth


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