June 16:       Warsaw Ghetto and Jewish Museum

June 17:       Visit Otwock, where Siegfried and Manfred lived briefly with the Kindertransport.

June 18:       Hike Augustow, where Frieda & Otto lived after Siegfried and Manfred escaped.

June 19:       Walk from Zbaszyn to Zbaszynek. 76 years ago thousands of Jews walked from Zbaszynek to Zbaszyn across what was then the Polish-German border.

June 20:      Visit Frankfurt an der Oder and cross the modern day Polish-German border.

June 21:      Visit the Wall in Berlin

June 22:      Reichstag and bike ride in Berlin

June 23:      Jewish Museum

June 24:      Tour of Buchenwald

June 25:      Begin Bike Odyssey: bike from Weimar to Horselberg-Hainch

June 26:      Bike Horselberg-Hainich to Waldkappel

June 27:      Bike Waldkappel to Calden

June 28:      Bike Calden to Werl

June 29:      Bike Werl to Unna. Reception in Unna

June 30:      Reception in Unna and train to Hannover

July 1:         Meet extended family from Scotland and Israel in Hannover, the city where the Lindnebaums lived in the 19th century.


One thought on “Itinerary

  1. I met Manfred Lindenbaum last night at the OJCC dinner. Such a wonderful man. Full of life and a true inspiration.

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