Part of the Solution

When we stand by and listen as others are put down, we start to become part of the problem.

When we speak out against hatred, we become part of the solution


We live in complex, scary world.

When my family  and my 14 year old sister Ruth were murdered in the Holocaust, they were murdered by evil people.  That is the simple answer.  

Would the evil people have been able to murder  one and a half million children if the “good” people had not been quiet?  Would they have been murdered if the entire world had  not closed their borders to refugees?

On July 6, 1938, in Evian, Switzerland,    a world conference took place to decide what to do about the refugees who faced death.  The decision was to do NOTHING. Millions   of lives could have been saved – including my family.  Our  President is now talking about closing the doors to refugees even tighter than they were after the Evian Conference.
As our new President continues his fight to lead the word in closing all borders, the question  I  ask is,  

                   “Can we be quiet and still sleep at night?”

                   “Can we really sit by while 65 million people are refugees?”


We are not talking about TERRORISTS.

We are talking about FAMILIES.

We are talking about CHILDREN who need a place to sleep without fear.

There is no choice.  We must be active.  We are and could be  ‘them”.

President Trump:  search your conscience and your humanity.  

We must not be bystanders.  

We must be active.

– Manfred Lindenbaum