After we rode into Unna we traveled North to Hannover where Otto lived in the early 20th century. Here, we met family from Scotland and Israel.

Otto had 10 brothers and sisters: Jakob, Zelma, Karl, Avraham, Leah, Friedel, Tony, Isaac, Max, and Erna. The War caused the family to disperse around the World. Leah’s dauther, Rita, escaped on an early Kindertransport. She married Jim and they raised a beautiful family in Scotland. Erna’s daughter, Jutta, married Eli and they raised a beautiful family in Israel. And Otto’s two sons Siegfried and Manfred married Lorraine and Annabel, respectively, and raised beautiful families in America. Today the families of Erna, Leah, and Otto reunited in Hannover, where the Lindenbaums lived before the Nazis rose to power.

Before the war Otto’s family owned a business in Hannover. In 1931 Otto’s mother, Yitte, passed away and his father, Salomon, moved to Palestine. Karl Lindenbaum stayed behind to run the family business and handle the family accounts. On one such occasion, we believe that he received money without the form of approval. He waited for the approval to come. For a day. A week. A banker threatened to turn him into the Nazis if the approval did not come. He waited two weeks. It still did not come. On June 9, 1939 Karl took his life. The approval came two days after his funeral.

We visited his grave site in Hannover where he was buried next to his mother.



We saw the cemetery where Avraham Lindnebaum, Otto’s brother, was buried after he died in WWI. DSC_0745