Zbaszyn Day 2: Garczynski High School

After a powerful and enlightening visit to the train station yesterday we returned to Zbaszyn to visit students at Garczynski High School. My Zayda spoke with a group of bright, inspiring students that have been studying the 1938 deportation of Polish Jews to Zbaszyn. All of the students were from refugee families from Eastern Europe. As I sat there and listened to them interact with my Zayda, I was blown away by the students.

They are partnered with a community in Ashdod, Israel and created an exchange program to learn about their culture. Earlier this year, the students planned a bike ride around Zbaszyn, named Zbaszynski Balagan, to highlight key parts of the city during the year when 9,000 refugees lived in the city.


Check out their important work here: http://www.lozbaszyn.oswiata.org.pl